Sunday Running Motivation: A Family that Runs Together

“A family that runs together

stays together”

Hyundai Family

My whole family (and team mates) joined the Hyundai Run for A Cause 2012.  This run is supporting eight causes and the registration is free. The photo above is a photo collage of my family’s race singlet representing four of the eight causes.  My fun team consisting of four people also joined this event.

We took advantage of this event and made it as one of our family run.  We had been running together for more than a year now and it has been one of the most effective and enjoyable family bonding time.

Updates on Hyundai Run for A Cause 2012

I picked up our race kits for the much awaited Hyundai Run for a Cause event at HARI Headquarters in Ayala Makati and I am so thankful for the very efficient and helpful people behind this running event particularly to Ron (full name undisclosed for privacy).

I say that the organizer of Hyundai Run for a Cause has been very accommodating to the running public. They also posted several helpful announcements on their Facebook Page and I am sharing the most important ones here.

Posted on Saturday, April 28, 2012
”Race bibs and Timing chips available on race day! Please go to the Baggage Tent starting 3:00 AM to claim. Limited stocks only. Please bring photocopy of your valid ID.”

Posted on Friday, April 27, 2012
Please be reminded of the schedule below:
10K Assembly Time 4:45 AM
Wave A 5:00 AM
Wave B 5:05 AM
Wave C 5:10 AM
5K Assembly Time 5:45 AM
Wave D 6:00 AM
Wave E 6:05 AM
Wave F 6:10 AM
Wave G 6:15 AM
Wave H 6:20 AM
Posted on Thursday, April 26, 2012
No tag, no time. Make sure that your bib and tag numbers match.  Here’s the “how to” on the Strider Tag Usage, the video version is also available in their Facebook Page.

Hyundai Stryder Tag

They also shared the details of eight causes of this run represented by eight different colors of race bibs.

YELLOW: I am running for Filipino Heritage and Culture:
Yellow Filipino

PURPLE: Hubby is running for Youth Development through sports.
Purple Sports

GREY: My son and one blogger friend are running for Social Entrepreneurship and Country Side Development
Grey Social

RED: My little clone is running for EducationHyundai Red

ORANGE: My team mate Dada is running for Community DevelopmentOrange

PINK: My other two team mates Mac and JR are running for Women & Children’s Rights
Pink Womens

GREEN: Environmental SustainabilityGreen Environment

BLUE: Road Safety & Responsible Car OwnershipBlue Road Safety

What cause are you running for?

Goodbye Injury. Back on my Track at the University of Makati!

Running six rounds at the oval track of the University of Makati is how I dealt with my first run after my awful sprain!


Yep after twenty two solid days of not running I’m back on my track! Aaaw that’s a solid twenty two days of not running, what a torture! I missed the grounds, the earth, the wind and every joy of running!  And I’m just glad I’m back on my track.  Just feeling high here and wanted to share the feelings with everybody! and some photos too!

You know when you are just back from injury and you are scared to use the injured part of your body? That happened to me today.  It still hurts a little.  I tested my foot by doing some slow walks while stretching my upper body.  Then brisk while familiarizing my feet on the oval track.  I then started some small running steps until my feet became friendly with the track, then added some little speed and off I go as if no sprain happened!

And I run today to where the Azkals plays.  Some football teams and a rowing team at the background added to my motivation. It just feels so good training myself with them around. Feeling like a pro huh, lol.


Need to be back in gear because in four days I’m saying hello to a 10K run at the Hyundai Run for a Cause! C’mon peeps let’s run! and keep on running Winking smile.

Post Race Piece: 23rd Yakult 10 Miler. My First Unfinished Race

I was joking with my team mate Mac as I was swerving to the side of the road to the water station after the third kilometer, when suddenly my body tipped to the side.  I felt a searing pain in my ankle and before I knew it, I was hopping in one foot to the median island. I can only shake my head in frustration when I saw my ankle is swollen - like a big red tomato.  This doesn’t look good.  But I’m still hopeful…. I want to finish.
They say that failure is one of the most difficult topic for a person to talk about. Obviously that’s what  happened to me after spraining my left ankle during the 23rd Yakult Ten Miler event.  It took me more than two weeks to write this post race piece.  Though I mentioned about the sprain incident in some of my earlier posts, I haven’t written an actual post race piece for this event like I traditionally do to all the events that I joined.

So to cut short the agony of telling the story and to get over this once and for all, I am blurting this out right now - After a year of running, I have my first unfinished race!  It happened on my second 16K run during the 23rd Yakult 10 Miler event.  The annoying thing is that, I wasn’t actually running when it happened. I was heading to the water station.  The bad road under construction got me off balance.

 My left-foot-less Bowerman and my improvised ice pack :(

At first I was still hopeful that I can still finish the race, but every time I tried to step on my left foot, the more I feel that it was hopeless.  The pain is getting persistent.

I gave myself several more try, until the last runner made the turn around at my injury point. After that, I forced myself to accept that I can not.  “Runner down…” is the beginning of my SMS to one team mate whom I estimated had finished her 5K run.

I realized that the day is somewhat ominous but blessed.  I don’t usually bring a mobile phone during a race, and I also seldom carry money with me.  For some estrange coincidences, I both have these two necessities with me.
I carried my mobile phone because my music player won’t play that morning, and the money because it was left in my running kit when I used it on another purpose some few days before the run.
The other wisdom and realization I got from this experience: 
  • Having a running team is the greatest. (I will write a separate post about this).
  • A runner in her last ounce of power will not let herself be delivered in the finish line in an ambulance.
  • I now know the true meaning of “crawl if you must”.
  • Learning to embrace defeat at the right time will spare you from further trouble.
As for the race itself,
  • it is my personal opinion that this kind of run is not so much for fun runners but perfect for competitive runners.  It lacks the mood in which you usually find in a fun run.
  • I’d like to have a special mention on the medics on bike.  What a relief they applied on my ankle which enables me to walk the three kilometer distance from my injury point back to to the finish line. And extra thanks to their encouragement for me to walk back than ride the ambulance. 
  • the amusing water station banners.  it gives runners something to smile about. Sorry, I photographed just the first two banners.
The race result can be found here and my thoughts about it here.  Another consolation I have on this run is seeing my two best running buddies finished their first 16K. Hurray!

Till next run, when my ankle pain is gone…

Sunday Running Motivation: Earth Day 2012 - Run

“Run and feel the wind in your face.
Run in the sun and feel the sun rays touch your skin.
Run in the moon and let the moon bathe you with its glorious glow.
Run and feel everything the earth can give you.”

(by LightRunner45 for Earth Day 2012)


Photos of Team QuekQuek at Run United 2012 Leg 1.  The stretch of flower bed is part of the running route.

Sunday Running Motivation: It’s about You. It’s Personal

It's about you.

It's personal.

You're not racing against anyone else.

You only get one first time,

so just enjoy the experience.

Kristie Cranford, Runner's World Challenger of the Week

Finisher's Bracelet from Athena Run

I got this “finisher’s bracelet” a year ago from my first 5K race during the Athena All Women’s Run.  It was my very first serious race and my first birthday run.   I call it “Race Against Myself”.  This is also the race I refer to in my profile as “ the best gift I ever gave to myself”.  I registered to this race days before my 46th birthday and the event was four days after my birthday.  I trained during the whole of my birthday week.

Prior to this, I had sudden weight gain due to change in life style.  I can’t motivate myself in going back to regular fitness activities so I tried running. I challenged myself by joining this 5K run.

Running few kilometers after the gun start, I almost gave-up.  I felt so heavy and I had a pulled muscle on my left leg.  I kept pushing myself.  It was tough but I enjoyed the challenge.  Until I finished!

It was one first time I truly enjoyed.  I cherished the bracelet because it reminds me of one sweet win. From then on I keep challenging myself. I keep racing and it has always been against myself.


Just received an email advisory from Runrio with the following important advisories:

Early Registration for 2012 Run United 21K participants
Here’s a special treat for all 21k participants of 2012 Run United 1!  Enjoy priority registration for the 2012 Run United 2 scheduled on June 17, from April 16 to April 29.   You have 12 days ahead of everyone to help you secure your slots on our limited 21k race slots through onsite registration. Kindly take advantage of this exclusive early registration window.

Registration centers will be at the following venues:
  • Riovana Store, Bonifacio Global City  - 28th cor. 9th Ave., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
    Mon – Thurs: 11AM to 9PM
    Fri – Sun: 10AM to 10PM
  • Riovana Store, Katipunan - 3rd Floor Regis Bldg. katipunan, Quezon City
    Mon – Sun: 10AM to 8PM
  • Toby’s - SM Mall of Asia, G/F Entertainment Hall, Roxas Blvd., Manila
    Mon – Sun: 12NN to 8PM
  • Toby’s - SM North The Block
    Mon – Sun:  12nn to 8pm
Upon on-site registration, registered participants will instantly receive the Run United 2 race singlet.

Regular on-site registration will be opened to the general public starting April 30 until June 3, 2012 on a first come first serve basis.

2012 Run United Race Expo
And here’s more good news for 21k registrants!   You may claim your race kits at the first ever Race Expo on June 2012. The race kit includes the following:
  • race bib number with 10% Riovana discount stub which can be availed until August 15, 2012.
  • UNILAB Active Health race belt bag (please see photo
  • a personalized IPICO timing card (please see photo).

After the race, all 21k finishers will receive:
  • a limited edition Run United 2 Finisher’s shirt
  • the 2nd piece of the “Run United Trilogy medal” (please see photo)
  • UNILAB Active Health finisher’s bag (no photo yet)
  • POWERADE hydration drinks.
The downloadable Runpix analysis will be available online, one week after the race.

The 1st ever Race Expo is another innovation to help provide runners an improved total race experience through the various activities in store for the participants. Watch out for further announcement on the expo’s details.

Online Registration
You may also register online by logging in to Online registration will start April 16, 2012 until May 27, 2012 on a first come first served basis.

Online registrants will receive their complete race kit including the singlet during the Race Expo.   Details of the kit claiming at the Race Expo will be announced in a separate communication.
Images and Information Source: Runrio email advisory and

36th Milo Marathon 2012 Race Schedule


You can now mark it on your calendar.  Here’s the schedule for the 36th Milo Marathon.  Note that this includes the provincial elimination schedules and the Manila National Finals.

July 01 Baguio
July 08 Dagupan
July 15 Tarlac
July 22 Angeles
July 29 Manila Eliminations
August 19 Naga
September 02 San Pablo
September 16 Batangas
September 23 Puerto Princesa
September 30 Tagbilaran
October 07 Cebu
October 14 Bacolod
October 28 Iloilo
November 04 General Santos
November 11 Davao
November 18 Butuan
November 25 Cagayan De Oro
December 09 National Finals Manila

Gun Start Time
42K (Manila only)

21k Half Marathon Elimination  Race PhP 500.00
10K       500.00
5K (Adults)       100.00
5K Fun Run for Students        50.00
3K Kiddie Run        50.00

Now better watch out when the registration starts!

Sunday Running Motivation: Somebody May Beat Me…

Somebody may beat me,
but they are going to have to bleed to do it.
Steve Prefontaine


I took this photo during the 23rd Yakult 10 Miler Run held last April 1, 2012.  It was few minutes before my awful sprain happened.  Running on my 3rd kilometer, I saw this pack from a distance.  The first sighting of the elite runners after the first turn around. 

A lone Filipino versus four Kenyans leading the race.   “What a sight!” I told myself.  I intentionally stop for some minutes to take a good shot of this pack not minding if I fall behind from my team mates.  I am a blogger this time not a runner.  I can not let this beautiful race scene passed without documenting it from my own camera.  I learned from experience that there is no way that you could take a good shot of a speeding Kenyan while you are running.  I tried several times and all I captured is the edge of their speeding foot (lol but true).

There were two more Filipino runners following behind but the gap is good enough to assume that the winner will surely be coming from the leading pack that I photographed.  Being Pinoy, I am hopeful of course (and wishing) that my “kababayan” will win.  After taking some more photos of the other leading runners, I catch up with my team mates. Then the sprain happened.

Later in the day, I read the headline news “KENYANS DOMINATE 23RD YAKULT 10 MILER RUN”.  The Pinoy came in fourth.  The news wasn’t soothing at all to my painful ankle and to my mood that day.  But I am sure the Pinoy gave them a good bleeding.

The 36th Milo Marathon is Coming Soon!

Runrio released the list of their coming events and I hope to feature all of them here.  But for now, I hope you wouldn’t mind me being biased in one running event that obviously is among my favorites.  Or to aptly say, my most favorite.  The one running event that I don’t mind featuring here again and again, the MILO MARATHON! and it’s coming soon!

I love the Milo Marathon for lots of reasons and I am naming a few here:
  • for its noble cause
  • it’s my first ever post on this blog and I consider that post as my “blognniversary”.  This blog had been set-up and I’ve joined several runs before the 35th Milo Marathon Eliminations, but it is the only run that inspired me to make my first post.
  • It’s my first “rain run”.  It was so fun, exciting and something to cherish - “it wasn’t drizzling, it was raining cats and dogs”.
  • I’ve motivated quite a number of non-running people to start running.  I was amazed by the response on the Facebook event I created
  • the experience is simply the best!
The 35th Milo Marathon Eliminations is done in July 2011 and I supposed it would be around that date.  Maybe you can start clearing your calendars around that date.

As I’ve said, I don’t mind featuring this event here over and over.  I will try to cover everything about it especially the updates.  So if you have queries just drop a comment below and I will try my best to answer them.  Let me be your media!

Hyundai Run for a Cause 2012 – FREE Registration

For those who had been wanting to start running, this might be the best opportunity you’ve been waiting.  The Hyundai Run for a Cause is back this year and the registration is FREE!  It draws a huge number of runners last year so you can bet this year would be bigger! Hurry up, be the first one to grab this opportunity!
April 29, 2012
Quirino Grandstand
10k FREE

* Registration will run from April 2-Apr 16, 2012! – CLOSED as of April 11, 2012 

CLAIMING OF RACE KITS : Date: April 21-25, 2012 / Time: 9AM to 8PM

  1. Signed waiver and fully accomplished Waiver Form and Registration Form
  2. Photocopy of participant’s valid ID (with picture and signature)
  3. If claiming through a representative, please present the following
    1. Signed waiver and fully accomplished Waiver Form and Registration Form of participant [original copy]
    2. Photocopy of participant’s Valid ID (with picture and signature)
    3. Signed Endorsement Letter from the participant [original copy]
    4. Photocopy of Representative’s Valid ID (with picture and signature)
Claiming Sites
  • HARI Headquarters (KPMG 6787 Ayala Ave., Makati City)
  • Hyundai Alabang (235 FMW Building, Tierra Nueva Subd. Alabang Zapote
  • Hyundai Global City (5th Ave., cor 26th St., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
  • Hyundai Quezon Ave (1144 Quezon Ave., Brgy. Paligsahan, Quezon City)
  • Second Wind Ortigas (Ortigas Home Depot, Julia Vargas Ave., Pasig City)
All race packs must be claimed on the claim dates mentioned above. No race packs shall be issued or may be claimed on race day.

Race packs are non transferable, and shall be issued/released only upon presentation of the Registration Form and Waiver Form signed by the participant.  Unclaimed race packs may be given away by the organizers.

Hyundai Fun Run 2012 Race Pack/Singlet

RACE MAPHyundai Run Map

Further details:
Facebook Page :
Hyundai Run Secretariat:
Smart: 09087098264
Sun: 09331721837
Globe: 09054216805

Photo source and info credits :

Derek Redmond at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics - When You Don’t Give Up, You Can Not Fail

What a perfect time to come across this video.

As I’ve told on my yesterday’s post, I am currently nursing a swollen ankle sprained from my run at the 23rd Yakult 10 Miler event.  I am supposed to draft my “post race piece” for this event after checking my twitter, but I came across this video, posted by RUNNR Store with this message  “Hi RUNNRs! Here's something to touch your hearts this Holy Week! Have a blessed Holy Week everyone! :)”.

I decided to share it here for you all to see instead of just re-tweeting it. This video touched me deeply, I hope this will inspire you all somehow.

Derek Redmond at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics
Acknowledgement to “necessity4failure” for uploading this video to YouTube and to RUNNER Store for the tweet.

Call me dramatic, but this video really made me cry.  I’m not sure if it’s the song, or seeing the emotional and physical pain in Redmond’s face, or the father’s breaking in security to comfort his son and support him through the remainder of the race, or the totality of the video.

I’m not saying either that I am in any near to Redmond quality or personality.  I am a nobody in the running community, just one fun slow runner.  But I have a personal goal that I am seriously aiming.  There is so much frustration and pain when you are seriously trying to reach that goal yet something beyond your control happened.  It is one tough trying time that in spite of the odds and pain, you want to continue and finish.  To go against the odds, to ignore the physical pain.

“Things don’t always work out the way you’d like”

“You don’t have to do this” and yourself says “Yes I do”

“When You don’t give up, you can not fail”

The song is “You Raise Me Up” by Josh Groban and the father’s shirt says “Have You Hugged Your Foot Today?”

Have you?

Sunday Running Motivation: The Race is not always to the swift

“The race is not always to the swift

 but to those who keep on running.”

My swollen ankle badly sprained due to bad roads after the 3rd kilometer on an April Fool’s Day Run (23rd Yakult 10 Miler).  13 kilometers to go, can I finish or not?

I am still hopeful when this photo is taken.


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