Run United 1 2012: Post Race Piece

Three of my running buddies (and two neighbors) joined the 10K category of the Run United 1 2012 at the SM Mall of Asia.  It’s the first 10K run of my buddies, the pack that composed our fun team that we endearingly calls Team QuekQuek (TQQ). RU1 2012 doesn’t have a 16K category, the distance that I am currently training for my next run so I did not officially join this event.  But as usual, I was was there as supporter and photographer.  I’m the most senior among the group in age and a few months in running experience.  This is the reason behind why they endearingly calls me as “coach” (LOL), that I funnily converted into “coUch” (more LOL).  Well I don’t have a choice right?

Fist thing we noticed when we arrived at the Mall of Asia is that the place is not too crowded compared to the other Runrio events that we previously joined.  We thought maybe because the 21K started in another venue which is in BGC.
Arriving in the not so crowded MOA

Just as expected from all Runrio events, it progress according to scheduled time and gun starts.  The 10K category has a single wave gun start only unlike the 5K and 21K.

the not so crowded 10K starting line / warm up / photo-opps



There’s ample hydration all through out the race.  Probably the reason also why there’s “ample” trash along the race route.  It is just frustrating why some runners can’t learn to toss the plastic cups in the ready trash bags that are just around, or just even toss it on the side of the road so it will not get in the way of the trailing runners and would be easy for the cleaners during garbage collection.  I don’t think a few seconds of concern will affect their personal records.

TQQ’s first sighting after the half distance turn-around.  And yes, I am running/chasing our team the whole 10K route Winking smile.  It’s a nice “warm-up” for my upcoming 16K race.  But  I’m always at the non-runners side of the road, pushing and pulling my buddies when needed. LOL.


Bananas on the road!
101_81527K – Push yourself to the limit

8K – You’ve gotten this far why stop now?

10K – Final turn is stairways to heaven

FINISH LINE – is “Yeah I did it! Heaven!

The Run United 1 Active Health Expo offered a lot of indulging and enjoyment for runners .
101_8231Completing our running day is “uploading” at “Mang Inasal” which instantly became a post race runners hub.  The runners are enjoying their unlimited rice.  We  exchanged our unsolicited opinions for this event while we were eating, and to share some:
- my buddies prefer their New Balance singlet from RU3 2011 than their current singlet.
- our neighboring table is talking about my hubby’s 21K finisher shirt from the RU3 2011 which I was wearing.  They are openly talking that they like the design better than the current one.

Luckily my friends decided to check their loot bags content when we’re done eating and found that Mac’s bag is lacking three items, the water bottle, a canned product and some vitamins/medicine. We went back to the claim spot and the people manning the finisher's kits kindly completed my friend’s kit.  We were surprised though to find that the whole area is already peaceful from activities.  It was still early and it seems the activities ended early or the runners are gone earlier than usual.

Later on the day we found from the news, updates and post race comments and feedbacks that there’s a lot of runners who were not provided with the finisher’s kit and shirts.  Runrio immediately issued the following statement:
Dear Run United 1 21k Runners, We sincerely apologize for those who were not able to get their finisher items today. Based on our initial discussion, there was a breach of security resulting to lost of items. While we are investigating further, we take full responsibility of what happened. We guarantee that you will receive your 21k items as soon as we are able to finalize the timelines with our suppliers and process. A representative from RunRio will contact each and everyone of you and will revert to you as soon as possible. Again, our sincerest apologies. RunRio Inc.
Here are some more links regarding the Run United 1 2012:

And finally, the traditional jump shot that almost failed to launch!  LOL!

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