Post Race Piece: Race Against Raze

Join me in this drama as I share to you one memorable run that I just finished, the Race Against Raze.

Memorable because this is my first 16K run and also my birthday run for this year.  This is also the first time that my “fun team”, Team QuekQuek (TQQ) is officially running together in a race.  Me running in the 16K category and all three ladies in the 10K category.

Team QuekQuek arriving at the "00:00" feel.

16K runners gearing up for the gun start at 5:15AM. Three more minutes and we’re off the road!

It was still dark and there's a certain street along the route, filled with the scent of the "dama de noche" flower.  I'm not sure why but, it gives me goose bumps.

This is how runners differ from the rest.  It's still dark and we’re all geared up taking the road.

The first kilometers are always the hardest.

Running can be a good vocabulary teacher.  It can perfectly define to you the difference between streets, avenues and flyovers.

Seeing the city in a different perspective.

The road that separates 16K runners from the fun runners. Some are running ahead, some made the wrong turn, some cheated and took the short cut, some gave up and quit. I continued and took the lonely road ahead.

The roads above that are less traveled by foot.

First photo says “God will find a way”. As always, I believe and found my way back to the finish line.
Second photo says “Ribbon Station Ahead”. I hope it says “Portalet ahead”
Third photo – the first time that I don’t appreciate Derek Ramsey smiling at me. I was climbing back the steep flyover here on my way to the finish line.

The turn around heading back to the finish line is always the most challenging part, but also the part when vigor is rejuvenated.

The string bracelets that are more precious than gold!  The very important accessory that you wear to the finish line.


Heaven on earth – The FINISH line!

At the FINISH line, reuniting with my team who ran in the 10K category.


And I did it! I finish my first 16K run! And my team with their 10K run! Congratulations to ourselves!

Congratulations also to the organizer Pep Squad for a job well done! Kudos to:
  • the perfectly designed singlet and medal
  • the great venue, running route and a “wow stage and photo booth” 
  • the ample hydration (I just personally wish that there's also some energy drink in the hydration station)
  • the oh so kind race assistants and marshals
  • and BEST of all, the earliest (as far as I know) posting of race result. Jeez! released in the afternoon of the race day, bravo!
We look forward in running again in your events Smile Let’s run and keep on running!


Rence said...

Congratulations and happy birthday!!!

BloggerRunner said...

THANK YOU Rence! ang daming bati, tinatablan na ko ha ha ha

roffe said...

I don't like to run on asphalt..

Ped said...

From the organizers of Race Against Raze: congratulations and happy birthday Light! we are glad to know that you are happy with the race. We are planning our 2nd run next year and most likely it will happen around this time of the year. Please remind us, so that your run will be on us! Let's keep on running!

BloggerRunner said...

try to run in the asphalt sometime :) u might find it fun too :)
Thanks for dropping by, have a good weekend!

BloggerRunner said...

Wow! This is one GREAT heads up :))) sure will do! yipee!
THANKS again and MORE POWER to u peeps!
Let's run! and keep on running :)


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