It’s my BIRTHDAY and I’m Running my First 16K at Race Against Raze

How do you start your day on your birthday?
101_8327Mine is very predictable, I run.  I started doing that last year and now it’s becoming a habit.  The only difference is that I am now running on longer distance.

It was just last year when I joined my first serious 5K race through the Athena All Women’s Run.  The race was four days from my actual birthday.  So I decided to run in the morning of my birthday as part of my preparation.  From then on I’ve been running at least three times a week and been joining fun runs which are all documented on this blog along with my musings about running

So I ran again in the morning of my birthday this year.  A friend gifted me my first 16K run which will be at Race Against Raze,  happening three days from my birthday.  If the run falls on my birthday month, I call it as my “birthday run”.

My goal is to run a new and longer distance on my birthday each year.  It gives a lot of positive motivations on myself knowing that I could run on longer distances as I grow older.  The only negative part is that, I could not do anything aggressive during my birthdays.  No fancy foods, no alcohol, no hyperactive adventures and the likes.  But heck, what could be more positive than having a good health right?

Race Against Raze
Race Against Race, dubbed as “Fire Awareness Fun Run is happening on March 18, 2012 at Bonifacio Global City (BGC), with the following race categories:

  3K = Php. 450 Gun Start: 5:45
  5K = Php. 550 Gun Start: 5:40
10K = Php. 550 Gun Start: 5:30
16K = Php. 650 Gun Start: 5:15

The event aims to promote fitness and wellness among participants, as well as to increase the awareness of fire safety and prevention. Part of the proceeds of the event will go to the following beneficiaries;
1. Philippine Children's Medical Center "Child NeuroScience Center"
2. Philippine Institute of Quezon City (PIQCAA) Scholarship Fund

For further details about this race, you may check the organizer’s website here

Now going back as to why I said that this run is a gift.  My good old friend Bagets is the one who registered me (us) on this run.  Bagets is the friend whom I describe to other people as a person who always give the most practical gift ever, apart from possessing a lot more unique attitudes.  He is also the same friend I am talking about on my profile who “out of the blue, registered my whole family to a fun run”.  The fun run that started it all.

To talk about Bagets needs a separate post (I think I also said this before on another post).  I actually has an unposted draft about him but I ‘m still picking the best time to post that piece.  Now, what more fun about this is that, Bagets did not only registered me and hubby to this run, but… he also registered the whole Team QuekQuek! Yep!  The whole team is running on this race!


This is why I always say I am God’s blessed daughter.  That I can run and blog about it, more so having a friend like Bagets .  Thank you Bagets! Smile


Rence said...

happy birthday!!! Sana maramdaman ko rin ang birthday mo. =D

BloggerRunner said...

ha ha ha ha THANKS again Rence. Yaan mo mangyayari din yan in the future ;) basta ikaw ang taya ha :P


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