Race for the Orphans–Post Race Piece and Photos

101_1227My running buddies joined the Race for the Orphans, a not so crowded event and hosted in a not too crowded venue as well – Camp Aguinaldo in Quezon City.  I was there to give my support to my friends and to be their photographer (lol). Well actually I am now trying to train for 16K distance and chasing four friends with different running pace racing on a 5K distance gives me a perfect run on a drizzling Sunday morning (haist!).

The first thing that caught my attention is the singlet design.  It really looks good in the photo presentation but it looks BEST in person.  It definitely made a statement.singlet (2)

Common faces in the running community are present as always to support this run.

fun pic with Sponge Bob Runner :)

The venue is perfect for the event and just good enough for the number of runners.  But if you have the habit of taking photos about everything (like me) you will be disappointed because taking of photos is not allowed in most areas.

The gun start schedule is moved more than once and the announcement about it is a bit confusing (correct me if I’m wrong) because they need to wait for the flag raising ceremony before the race can officially start.  The warm-up and stretching is already done and the 10K runners  are positioned for the gun start but they were requested to face back to the General Headquarters for the flag raising ceremony.
ready to run? about face!
It’s sort of something new for some runners to see Pocari Sweat in cans being poured in glasses in the hydration station rather than handing the whole can directly to the runners.  Anyway there’s ample water from the other hydration partner.

imagine if this giant is filled with real Pocari Sweat :)  
nice loot bag!101_1219

There’s a lot of raffles and the prices are really wow - a Trip for 2 to Boracay, pair of shoes, product kits/pack from the sponsors and a lot more!! We didn’t win but we are still feeling high on this run!Open-mouthed smile
jump shot yey!  (General Headquarters at the background)101_1238
Run for the Orphans is organized by Rundezvous Events Inc. and is for the benefit of iHope Foundation, a trust fund that will support the educational needs of the the orphans of soldiers killed in action in Mindanao and for future grantees of the AFP Educational Benefit System (AFPEBS).

You can find your race results here.  Meanwhile, my cam may have caught you somewhere along the race, or you are maybe one among the runners who crossed the finish line that my camera captured while I am patiently (lol) waiting for my buddies to cross the finish line.  So better check-out the album below and find that “crossing the finish line” moment.  If you happen to find a photo in my album and wanted to thank me or say something, you can leave it through a comment below.  Till next run buddies!


Mac said...

maganda talaga ang singlet kaya nga ninakaw yung sa akin. hay hanggang picture ka na lang. hu hu hu

BloggerRunner said...

hu hu hu talaga :( buti na lang na-picturan pa.
nakawin na nila ibang damit ko wag lang mga singlet ko!


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