The Next Condura Skyway Marathon is On February 03, 2013.

Yes that’s what it says on their website.  And I love the way they say “Just keep on training and see you on Feb. 03, 2013”.

The official race result is also now available on their website.
Condura Website Screenshot
I made this post to keep me motivated and not only to continue training but to train harder.  I don’t want to see this kind of Facebook status again in my timeline next year (posted few hours before the midnight gun start ). Regret, regret, regret …
“Condura Skyway Marathon your my biggest regret today! it wud be fun watching 42K runners in the skyway before testing my 16K with u :( i swear I'll deal with your half mary next year!”
Next time I will be a part of this video.  I’m sure it would be more fun watching knowing that you are one among the runners.
Acknowledgement and thanks to AeroEyeAsia for uploading this video to YouTube.

The Condura Marathon has now five glorious and successful years of running events.
  • 2008 Race for Tubbataha Reefs
  • 2009 Run for the Whale Sharks of Donsol Sorsogon
  • 2010 Run for the Dolphins of Baclayon, Bohol
  • 2011 Run for the Dolphins
  • 2012 Run for the Mangroves

Obviously the unique and noble advocacy of these running events is the key to its success.

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