Running: My Year that It Will Be

Yes I need to write this.
It’s kinda late writing it down but the plan has been here since I finished my first 10K.  I just want to “document” it for the world to see so I will be more motivated (or forced) to reach my goal.   Basically I have two major running goals for this year and they are:
  1. To finish a 15 or 16K distance run, then
  2. To finish a 21K distance – gotta deal with “half mary”
  3. And one “shoot to the moon” goal which is to finish a 32K run
The third goal with this line – well as I’ve said the third one is a "shoot to the moon".  Who knows, I will be with the stars Winking smile
Apart from these two major goals, I also have these goals in mind and wish to strictly achieve:
  • Train harder and run longer distances
  • Train to increase my speed (the last race was not bad)
  • Loose more weight (duh)
  • Join more cause-oriented runs
  • Join more races with family and friends
running with Mac
  • Motivate more people into running
  • Blog more about running and keep in mind that I am lucky that I am able to do both.
  • So it will be “Run! and Keep on Running”… and I’ll have more of “look back shots" and "jump shots" Smile 
look back shotrose marie album 5

Meanwhile, let me enjoy my vacation Smile  ok?
Cebu's Sinulog - Pit Senyor!
Iloilo's Dinagyang - Hala Bira!
And for now you can call me “Blogger on the Run”!

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