Rescue Run for Sendong Victims - Way to End the Year Right

Who would think that doing rescue could be as fun?  Thanks to the magic of Greentennial Run for putting up “Rescue Run for Sendong Victim”, "Organized in 9 Days” wow!   My second time to say this “Kudos Greentennial Run team!".

It is heartwarming to know that in my own little way I became a part of this worthy cause.  This blog “Run! and Keep on Running” logo is printed in the event posters and volunteer IDs. Thanks Greentennial team!

Here are some highlights of this WORTHY fun run:
The awesome running community for CDO and Iligan.100_8746
Team with “Most Number of Participants”. Team Titans = 20 members!
A running family of 10 - the “Family with Most Number of Participants”
Soleux Watch Raffle.  Nakatulong ka na may relo ka pa!
Greentennial’s tradition of “Best in Attire”.  The “Best in Rescue Attire” participants.
The “Dougie Battle”.  Each participant took home a box of Pocari Sweat!

Of course Greentennial Run event will never be complete without the “jump shot” and the “look back shot” that all runners enjoyed with much gusto!

Personally, this run gives me the best memory for 2011.  I started 2011 with much enthusiasm but get crashed during the first quarter causing broken momentum and spirit.  This fun run sort of erased all the bad memories of the year 2011 and all that remains is a worthy and fun filled day of memories.  This is also my first time to actually run with my two best buddies! They are both newbie and we haven’t had the chance to run together, thanks to Rescue Run!  Running 5K in the up hills and down hills of McKinley Hill served as my buddies’ initiation Smile . And with this we are officially launching our team! Please meet Team  QuekQuek! Ha ha ha!

Some more photos from my album below. 
And more exciting photos from the oh so kind volunteer photographers! Just follow these links:

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! Smile
Let’s Run! and Keep on Running! Winking smile


roffe said...

Hi..The latest distance was 10 km in the forest on paths(53 min). I don't run very fast..

Light said...

nice! 10K is my current distance too but I'm planning to join a 15 or 16K run next:)
I haven't run in the forest - I'm sure that's a lot of fun. I gotta try that soon :) I don't run very fast as well.


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