Nike We Run Manila Finisher’s Item

Runner ka kung… may nakasabit na ganitong USB sa laptop mo!
(You’re a runner if you have this USB plug-in your laptop)

Finally! 70 days after blogging about it, I’m now bragging about it!  The Lunar Glide-designed 2-gig USB, as promised from the Nike We Run Manila event is delivered to my doorstep today via Fedex.

It’s such a cutie!
As I’ve said, this is something that I would love to carry around along with the fulfilling memory how I got it.  This will definitely be one of my most favorite gadget.

It’s worth the wait, thanks Nike We Run Manila! Winking smile


pinoyfitness said...

parang sinipa nya yung laptop mo :)

BloggerRunner said...

ha ha nice one! thanks for dropping by :)
♥ u pinoyfitness peeps! more power to u!

lawigan said...

Yes, I am a dreamer. alwys suporting her.

explorer said...

Make a success,suporting here.

maki said...

I didnt get mine, probably bcoz dey failed to capture my elapsed time - not my fault ryt?

BloggerRunner said...

u mean you don't have a finish line record?

if you finished and your time wasn't recorded yeah it's not your fault. but as far as I know they are sending the item based on the registration details.

if you have the letter they distributed after the race you can tell them about it. just continue contacting them and provide your contact details.

i hope you'll be able to get yours :) THANKS for dropping by my site. btw, what is your next run?


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