I’m a work from home mom, married to an athlete with two lovable kids and an adopted stray cat and dwells in a challenging city called Manila.

I love to write but I had this habit of filing my writings to where no one can read it. I write in pieces of paper, in my coloring books, on walls, in my old PC’s that crashed down without back-ups. If I do write publicly they are under pseudonyms or they are work related like an article or a speech for someone else. With much prodding from my family and BFF, I finally tried writing something that is directly associated to myself.

For 18 years I was in a corporate job which I described my regular day as an action packed “Mission Impossible” day. A truly multitasking to the highest and maximum level that when I quit I carried with me this confidence that I can work anything except a surgeon’s job. LOL but true.

I started running at the age of 45 when my online job pulled me out of regular fitness. After enduring one 3K, two 5K and two 10K races with a PR of 1:36, I'd like to call myself a (trying hard) “Runner”. Every time that I be asked about my running story, this is what I tell people:

“I call myself an accidental runner. Caught in a mob of runners one time, I decided to run to my destination. Then out of the blue a good friend registered me to a fun run some weeks before my 45th year ended, after which for some twist of fate or whatever (insane) reason you call it, I found myself registering to a 5K run, days before my 46th birthday. Later I realized that this is the best gift I ever gave to myself and the rest is history (of aching muscles and bones).”

My Favorite and Original Piece
Run... throw your hurts and pains to the wind and let the wind bring and pierce them to the heart of the person who hurt you. Cry but run! Let the wind blow and dry your tears away. Run and shout. Shout all your frustrations and anger and let the wind take them all. Then breath and hope... that the wind will throw you back with something new. Just run, and keep on running...

My running story and this piece are all part of this blog along with helpful information and regular updates on running, race and marathon.

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MEcoy said...

nice profile and nice quote
trying hard never exist I prefer to call them aspirant


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