RESCUE RUN for Sendong Victims - by Greentennial Run

“I am only one, but I am one.  I cannot do everything, but I can do something.  And I will not let what I cannot do interfere with what I can do.”  ~Edward Everett Hale
For days now since the news about the devastation of typhoon Sendong,  I’m not only looking but actually praying that something like this will come out from the running community.  Finally one of my favorite run organizers,  the ever good-hearted people of Greentennial Run came up with what they call  as  “best effort in nine days”  - RESCUE RUN, The Running Community Race for Sendong Victims.

Event: RESCUE RUN (for Sendong Victims)

Venue: VENICE, Mckinley Hill

Date: December 31, 2011, Saturday, 5:30AM, Gunstart @ 6:00AM

Category: 5K only

Organizer: Greentennial Run

Registration Fee: Donation for a minimum of PhP150.00 in exchange for a race number / NO freebies, NO Singlet, NO Timing Chip

Registration Date: Starts Dec. 26, 2011 at ROX and ARC

Note from the organizer:   NO HYDRATION SPONSOR as of this time. Run Clubs are welcome to help provide hydration.
Please check these pages for further details and updates :
Greentennial Run Facebook Page and
Greentennial Photos Facebook Page

To all my running friends, this is a great and memorable way to close your running record for 2011. Tara na! Takbo na!

Running Tot

"With her Milo singlet on, she borrowed my orange do-rag, put it over her braided pig tail,  put on her ANGRY BIRD shoes and "run like an ANGRY KENYAN"!"
Since February after the whole family first joined a fun run and her first official race, she had been asking when she will be racing again.  She was seven years old then.  The family is quite surprised by her reaction.  They thought that after the agony of waking up very early in the morning and then making her run three kilometers would make her dislike running.  But to everybody’s surprise, her only disappointment then was that she didn’t get a medal while her Kuya got one.  The medals were for the first one hundred finishers.  She told everybody that the reason why she did not finish early is because her mom did not allow her to sprint a lot which is true.  The family joined the said run for pure fun.  Except for the Sunday leisure walks in the park that usually end with eating breakfast, there was no training for her prior to that run.

Last July 2011 when her father and mother joined the 35th Milo Marathon Eliminations, she expressed her interest to run again.  However, her parents will be running on a separate distance categories and it was both their first time joining a Milo Marathon.  Her parents wanted to run seriously and set a personal record, so no one will pace with her in the lower category.  She was disappointed but look forward to her parent’s promise that she will be joining the Milo run by December 2011.

Come November, she was jumping in delight upon knowing that she is finally registered in the 3K fun run of the 35th Milo Marathon National Finals and excitedly fitted her singlet.  She often talks about it to people and to her teachers.  On the few weekends that the whole family is free from commitments she jogs along with the family and run at least 2 kilometers. 

Probably out of excitement, she slept a little late the night before the race.  Her mom just silently smiled at the thought of  "like mother like daughter”.  At dawn time of the event date, she can barely open her eyelids due to sleepiness.  She put on her Milo singlet and particularly told her mom that she wants to borrow her mom’s orange do-rag.  She put on the do-rag over her braided pig tail, put on her ANGRY BIRD shoes and "run like an angry Kenyan" during the race.

She doesn’t mind waking up in the dawn and prepare for a run nor, she gets intimidated running with older and bigger people than her.

She’s smart and makes observations about the race, counts the kilometers she finished and keeps in mind how many more kilometers and turns before she reach her goal.

She is confident that she can outrun anybody including her mom as long as she be allowed to sprint all the time.

She is amazed that there are free drinking water everywhere and commented that running people looks happy and that they don’t look tired. She said that she's not tired as well.

And again, just like her mother, she gathers more strength at the site of the FINISH LINE and sprints for it so she can grab her certificate!

Meet the little runner Loiz.  My running tot at eight.  She just finished a 3K Milo Marathon race and she’s very proud of it!
“A Daughter is a Little Girl who grows up to be a Friend”
”Children are like wet cement. Whatever falls on them makes an impression”
”Children will not remember you for the material things you provided but for the feeling that you cherished them”… Richard Evans
”The child must know that she is a miracle, that since the beginning of the world there hasn’t been, and until the end of the world there will not be, another child like her”… Pablo Casal
”If you raise your children to feel that they can accomplish any goal or task they decide upon, you will have succeeded as a parent and you will have given your children the greatest of all blessings”… Brian Tracy
”A child is not a vase to be filled, but a fire to be lit.”… Francois Rabelais

10 Running Body Wear with Practical Tips on How To Choose Them

We’re done with the headwear let’s move down and deal with that body!  All of us regardless of age and sex perform our best when we feel comfortable so let’s choose body wear that will give you comfort and confidence.
1. Top/Shirttn_shirtM
- Best choice are lightweight fabric and moisture-wicking material. Aside from the comfort it is also wash and wear.  Just hang it after a quick wash and it’s ready for the next run.
- Moisture-wicking material is called “Dri-fit” by Nike and “Climacool” by Adidas.  Under Armour has lots of this too.  But it doesn’t need to be expensive and branded.  There are plenty of good quality lightweight and moisture-wicking material running tops in the market but not as expensive.
- No to cotton shirt.  Cotton is made to absorb. It’s uncomfortable to run in sweat-soak shirt.
- If you are running in cold weather you’ll need some breathable shirt over your running shirt/singlet.
- Avoid wearing too large tops/shirts.  If you are provided with an ill-fitting official running shirt, have it altered according to your size and comfort..
- When running in the dark, you need some reflective running clothes to make sure you are visible to other road users.

tn_front-9992. Women’s Bra
- To my fellow lady runners this is where I suggest you invest.
- Best choice is extra support especially if you are “heavy” on top
- Snug enough that won’t allow “bouncing” but not to the extent of restricting blood flow.
- When shopping, try every style until you find the one that best fit your cup and frame.  Choose the one that says “extra support” in the label.
- There are those long bras that extend out to below the rib cage.  It should give you support in front and back.
- Ill-fitting bra caused painful “bouncing” and results to chafing.
- And just like any other running clothing, don't wear a new bra on race day.  Test it during short runs.

3. Men - Plastic strips (or body tapes)tn_bandaid
- Simply put a plastic strips or bandage on your nipples during long runs. You will know the difference when you run without the nipple covered.

tn_assos-10-climajet-breaker-w420-h4204. Jackets/Raincoats
- On cold weather or cooler temperature, start with a lightweight top and cover it with another lightweight sweat shirt.
- Both should be moisture-wicking material.   Cotton can give you warmth but the moisture stays.
- Windbreakers and light rain coats are okay during a run under the rain, but a plastic garbage bag is a very fashionable raincoat during race day.  Aside from being inexpensive it is disposable. 
- For me the best look during a run under the rain is the “wet look”.  Enjoy the rain.  It is not so often that we do that.  And for heaven’s sake don’t run with umbrella!tn_Milo

5. Gloves/Mittenstn_91891
- Wear them on real cold days.  It’s important to cover the hands.
- For those who have winter season, find a pair of gloves/mittens made from breathable materials, light but gives real warmth.
-  Choose gloves that wick away moisture and mittens that are light but gives real warmth.  Don’t let the discomfort of cold hands or frostbite discourage you from running. 

tn_half split
tn_BK6. Shorts
- A half-split running shorts is better than a v-notch short.  It gives better freedom of movement.  However if your are considering modesty you might prefer a v-notch over a half split.
- A running shorts with a built-in mesh liner is cooler and more comfortable than wearing a separate underwear with unlined short.
- Shorts with a built-in belt are more constricting than those just with an elastic waistband.
- No to baggy shorts especially those with long inseams.  Apart from being heavier and hotter, It looks awkward to a running environment that mostly are wearing traditional running shorts.
- Shorts with zip or mesh pockets are perfect for carrying coins and keys.  But when you carry coins be sure that its not jingling because it would be annoying to others.   Wrapping up loose change in foil stops it from jingling.
7. Spandex/Compression Shorts
- Wear spandex shorts under your regular running shorts so you don’t chafe “down there.”
- Compression shorts – they are a little warmer than traditional running shorts. You may prefer them for cooler weather.
- Here's a saying: “You’re real runner when you're not embarrassed to wear spandex”
- I prefer spandex alone and no shorts.  It is lighter and no movement hassle.

tn_Body Glide9. Anti-chafe balms or comfort balms
- Apply in crotch, underarms or wherever things rub or wherever you usually chafe.  This is really important for longer runs because they will help prevent the blisters.
- Again guys, don’t forget the nipples.
8. Sunscreen/Sunblock
– It’s okay if you don’t mind about the change in your complexion but consider the negative effect of the ultra violet rays to your skin so apply some when the sun is really beating you down.
- Read the labels and look for the one which provide protection but still allow the sweat to come out.

10. Your body
A well conditioned body is the best wear to bring to the start line.  So train, rest, eat, sleep well .  No matter how comfortable (or expensive) your gears are, it would be useless if you come to the START line unprepared.

10 Practical Head to Neck Running Wear

While most runners basically focus on dressing up their foot during a race, we should not forget that the HEAD and NECK are equally important to be protected and styled during a run.  Here are some practical head to neck wear and accessories that can be helpful to make your running not only comfortable but also stylish.
tn_bandana1. Bandana or Kerchief – both stylish and functional.  They are lightweight and washable. You can tie it around your forehead or hold it during run and wipe when necessary. They are usually decorated in paisley patterns so you can choose any design that best fit your personality.
I usually wear a color that match my singlet, or if the race is too crowded I wear an eye-catching design so my supporter/photographer can easily recognize me among the bunch or runners.  
tn_bad running mother2. Sweat Bands – While running we sweat profusely and the sweat tends to follow gravity's path downward from the head and scalp to the forehead and down into the eyes. Sweat in your eyes can interfere with your vision.  The bands prevent sweat from dripping into the eye and causing blurring or stinging.  Cotton terry cloth are the most common material for sweatbands because it works very well to soak up the perspiration.
While sweat bands are basically utilitarian it can also be used for advertising or promotional purposes or for just expressing yourself or your team. 
tn_soccer-cap-cw-0467-1803. Running Hat or Visor - Great for sun protection and usually has a band inside to help absorb sweat.  Again, they are both stylish and functional.
During training, I usually wear a Manchester United design cap during hot days to protect my face from sun burn and a soccer ball-designed cap made from leather during rainy days to protect my head and eyes from rain drops.  Both designs express my love for soccer aside from being a runner.
tn_do rugs4. Do-Rag – Like a combination of a hat and bandana.  Quick dry fabric, much better than cotton.  The extra materials flapping at the back gives more surface area for sweat evaporation and some cool air too.
I usually wear a colorful one to add hip to its “tough” look.

5. Women’s Hairstyle  – Classic Ponytail
It keeps your hair out of your face be it high ponytail or low ponytail.  I suggest low ponytail for heavy thick hair so it won’t loose down after few kilometers of running and won’t be too heavy on your top.   If you have bangs, you can secure it with a head wrap or stylish sweat bands.
tn_bun6. Women’s Hairstyle Ponytail Bun
It will not only keep your hair out of your eyes but also off your back and shoulders.  Just pull your hair back like in classic ponytail then form the tied hair into a bun and secure with a good quality elastic so it won’t loosen during the run.  You can secure the wayward strands with stylish head bands, sweat bands or head wrap.

tn_braid7. Women’s Hairstyle –  Braid
Braids unlike ponytails won’t swing back and forth. The braid add fun and chic look to your running attire. However, sometimes braid works like a whip so be careful on sudden head turn in a crowded place especially if you have a long thick braid. I usually do mine in a pigtail braid to avoid whipping myself and to keep my hair off my neck.

tn_headphone28. Head phones – Music is a good running companion so better choose a head phone that will not cut you on and off from the beat that helps you endure the remaining miles before the finish line.  Choose lightweight head phones that grip good around your head and ear.  
9. Ear phones – choose the one with soft padding and the one that fits well in your ears or stays in place.  If you feel that the covering materials of the ear phones is irritating your ears, refrain from using it because it will be more irritating when you sweat during the run.
I prefer ear phones than head phones. Lightweight and easy to stuff anywhere once I’m done using it.
tn_shades10. Eye Shades – Choose one that is lightweight and comfortable, the feeling that you are not wearing one, but definitely the one that can protect your eyes from the sun's harmful rays while staying clear of condensation.
Being a “netizen” who loves working at night in front of computers, my eyes kind of develop a “cullen attitude”.  Eyeshades is a RELIEF so I always wear one.  I wear any style but I suggest a “loop design” for runners.  It has good grip.  It would be annoying to wear an eye shade that keeps falling down from the bridge of your nose.

So what about Jewelry?   A BIG no! You are going to run not to a party so scratch that jewelry off your list now! 


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