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Everyone of us is a bit of everything
Please consider this post as my second prelude. 

I started this blog the way I started running, a sort of experimental approach.  I started it for fun, did some test posts the same way as I joined fun runs.  Then tried a little bit of letting the world to know about this and get the feel on how people would react.  Finally, I evaluated the end results and I can comfortably say the result is good!  This blog and my running are both doing me good mentally and physically.  So this is something that I would be happy and proud to share with the world.  Now that I have a handful of followers and (even just) a tiniest percent of people are aware that this blog exists, I know that I should be more responsible in sharing my thoughts and opinions through my posts. 

100_7030Most people nowadays are a bit of a blogger particularly those who regularly log-in to their social media accounts, sharing about their thoughts and opinions interacting with people.  But going fast forward, blogging now has developed into a deeper concept.  It is no longer just a simple shout out, tweet and random talks.  It has more responsibilities therefore it requires more effort.  I am no expert in blogging.  Though I’ve done some blog writings in the past I’ve never done anything that is directly associated with myself as a whole or a site that I can call as totally mine.

I am not an IT or a web designer or some sort either.  In fact I don’t have any formal education on anything about PC, programming, soft wares and the likes.  I also don’t have anyone, like a brother or a husband who I can instantly grab anytime I need help with HTML, CSS and these sorts.  Apart from the occasional sweet requests of “Ma, can I do that please?” from my 15 year old son every time he sees me dealing with widgets, the whole of this blog are all my hard works, personal studies and research.

Everyone of us is a bit of everything , it just depends on each of us how we develop each bit.  We are born with two feet not with wings nor wheels, thus we are all born to run.  As we try to cope with the world’s dynamism that leads to our somewhat digital existence we can not avoid but be dragged in this somewhat digital pace.  In the process, we tend to forget that what we were born with are the most important things that we have because these are the ONLY thing that we will be able to bring along when we leave.

I am no “Kenyan” when it comes to running speed nor I am anyone who is a popular runner/record holder.  I belong to the pack of “newbies and wannabes” of running.  In short. I am a nobody and a non-pro when it comes to running.  But! (take note of the exclamation point)  I am personally proud of myself when it comes to running.  In less than a year time, I am able to finish one 3K race, two 5K races and two 10K races, the latest of which is with a PR of 1:36. And oh, please don’t forget that I am 46 years old Winking smile.  For some this may sound rubbish, for me it is an achievement. women_running420x423
I adopted running as my personal advocate in letting people know what good it can do to their lives as what it is doing for me.  There are a lot of running blogs and more experienced runners out there, but I believe that  I have my own unique way in sharing my personal running journey. I may sound like somebody who is making money from running, like endorsing or selling something, but I am not.  I just have this simple thinking that whatever bit of good I share to the world will make the world a bit better to be in.
Run! and Keep on Running… is a journey through life which I associated with running.  Come join me as I blog about life, running and a bit about anything that is good.  Let’s Run! and keep on running…

(As of this post) This blog is a work in progress and I humbly request my readers/followers to please bear with me for the changes which mostly are improvements that I am currently applying.  Some widgets, features or even some earlier posts might be changed/removed.  Please consider this as my new home that I am still re-designing, please bear.Smile

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