On True Friendship and Run United 3 2011 (Run Rio Trilogy Leg 3)

They say “Tell me who your friends are and I tell you who you are”, and I’ll say “I don’t think so”.

I almost didn’t believe this popular phrase specifically thinking about my BFF Mac who’s been my friend for about twenty years now.   We used to work in one company together but I quit and she’s still in the same company.  But even we’re not working together we still spend friendship bonding time.  We  eat out, shop, go to parties and occasions with our common friends, go to church every Wednesday and other bonding activities that we used to do when our schedules were more synchronized.  Our lives are an open book to each other.  We even know the stories of our relatives and neighbors from our respective provinces even if we haven’t met them personally.  We can call our friendship as  “sanggang dikit”, a Filipino word that is so unique it doesn’t have an exact English translation, as unique as our friendship.  Our friendship have been through a lot and to discuss “a LOT” will take forever of talks or probably a whole new blog.

It is amusing how “Mac and I” goes along well and have this kind of solid friendship while we are so different from each other.   ETEven our respective families and friends noticed our contrasting characters and they too wonder why we go along pretty well.  To mention some…
I like blue, she likes pink. I like sour foods, she likes sweets.  I like “pansit” (rice noodle), she likes spaghetti.  I rant in Facebook while she silently acquires hectares of virtual farm.  I am so married, she’s so single.  She’s patient, I’m …. never mind.  To top it all.  while I steal some time from motherhood to spend for fitness, Mac would rather spend her single weekend mornings on extended sleeps, reading books, home movies and tend to her virtual farm.  While I aspire to run a marathon, Mac regularly enjoys movies and soaps marathons (Mac will kill me for telling this). 

With all the kilometers that I ran, there isn’t any kilometer that I ran with Mac  whether on official race or just plain running.  I’ve been trying to persuade Mac to try running since I started in the beginning of this year but just like the previous fitness activities that I tried such as aerobics or just simply walking, I was not able, NOT EVER persuade Mac to join me in fitness. 

Until one time during one of  our normal talks I mentioned to her that hubby is joining a 21K event and there are shorter distance categories that caters to beginners.  To my surprise Mac suddenly asked “When?”.  And yes!!! pushing past forward button, Mac finally registered to a 3K run.  Unfortunately, I'm currently on a race break and will not be able to join her in this particular race.  So as not to break Mac’s motivation, I looked for another friend who can be her running buddy.  Luckily I’ve found one common friend who has been interested to run but can’t find a running buddy.  Finally, two of my good friends are running and officially joining a race.

Along with my husband who is running in the 21K category, my friends are joining the Run United 3 2011 (Run Rio Trilogy Leg 3) this Sunday November 13, 2011 at the SM Mall of Asia.  The reason why I recommended this event to my newbie friends is because it was available at the time that they felt they are ready to run and join a race, plus their race program is apt for newbies.  They have choices for distances, routes and schedules.  I believed this will motivate them to continue running and racing.  


My two good friends exerted an extra effort registering to this event because the registration venue are far from their places of residence and work.  Anyway it all paid off because they are both delighted upon seeing their race kits which include an excellent quality singlet and a Unilab Active Health Kit. 

But I suspect they are both wincing when they are looking at this assembly and guns start schedule.


After the registration, Mac was telling me that she started walking with her sister in the province when she goes home during weekends.  As for my other friend, I am so surprised and delighted to find her in my favorite running path during one of my regular morning runs.  This weekend the three of us will be training/running together, wonderful!

Even if I'm not racing in this event, I will definitely be there to give my full support to my best friends (and of course to my hubby).  I hope I could take some good pictures as I already suspected that one of the reasons my two good friends said yes to this race is for “photo-opp” (LOL).  But for whatever reason it is  I am just glad that I am able to persuade them into something that I know will do them good. 

Through the years, Mac and I has learned to respect each others likes and dislikes and this has been a major component for our lasting friendship.  At the same time, we also never fail to share  the new good things  that is happening in our individual lives.  Our shoulders are always ready for each other during our failures and tough times,  the same way that we are ready to celebrate each others success even in the most simple thing as finishing a 3K race.  As friends grow older, the friendship should never stop from growing.  It should be like wine, it should get better while it age.

By the way, Mac and my other good friend is officially registered under the 5K category of the 35th Milo Marathon (National Finals) which is happening on December 11, 2011.  Who knows, they might be running races on longer distances than the distance that I'm running right now Smile.


Anonymous said...

Very much well said Luz, lucky is Alice, she is like in the wonderland having a friend like you, who not only interested in running but yet have spent time to write about her. I can feel the sincerity of words as this was written from the heart. True friendship as they say doesn't requires your presence all the time, but it's sense of being always there in the heart and in mind. Happy running friends.


BloggerRunner said...

Thanks my dear. Very well said as well from a dear dear friend :) We have been running in solid friendship too for the longest time and I treasure that...


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