It's About Time to Change that Family Portrait! Join the McHappy Day Family Fun Run

Are you running out of ideas for family portrait, family post card, or a Christmas card idea with your family photo on it?  My piece of gold advise is go register the whole family to a fun run.  Wear those race singlet and bibs and whatever running gears you wish, strike a pose at the START or FINISH line or in the photo booth and voila! You have that cool family portrait.

Joining a fun run will not only give you a great new concept for your family photo but also a great new way of bonding with your family.  I’m talking from experience here, but to discuss my family’s great fun run experience  needs a separate post.  For now here’s one great fun run in store for you.  The McHappy Day Family Fun Run.  If you love McDonalds you will surely love this!


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You can register at any authorized McDonald's outlet in Alabang Town Center, El Pueblo, Greenbelt 1, Greenhills and Piazza Mall at McKinley Hill. You may also register at Runnr on Bonifacio High Street.

The McDonald’s McHappy Day Family Fun Run is for the benefit of the Bright Mind Read project.  For more details, please visit  Hurry up registration ends November 20, 2011!

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