Finally… the Finisher’s Item and My Post Race Piece on Nike We Run Manila 10K

“WE RUN MANILA 10k runners! We are happy to announce that the race finisher item will be delivered direct to the address you registered within early December. Please hang on tight for it, and in the meantime don't forget to Run, Run, Run!” 
Nike WeRun Manila
something I would love to carry around
I’m checking my Facebook account just right now and this update from Nike Running PH Facebook Page came right on top of the news feed.  I said “Wow! at last!".

I’m not sure if I’m just a gadget lover but I think this USB looks real cool!    I own several flash drives and one External Hard Drive that can carry all the files in all the flash drives I own (obviously I love keeping files) but I have this one favorite that I carry around.  It’s a 2-gig “Year of the Rat Limited Edition” from a known USB maker. It’s password protected, gold plated and etched with the “Year of the Rat” symbol.  Instead of hooking it to an ordinary sling,  I bought it a special necklace that made it looks like an accessory rather than a flash drive.  Hmn, I guess it will have a taste of retirement when I receive this cool one. This is something I would love to carry around along with the fulfilling thought how I got it.

This update from Nike Running PH also reminds me that I have one unpublished post which is about the Nike We Run Manila 10K that happened on October 15, 2011.  I was one among the eight thousand runners that made the Bonifacio Global City looked like streets and avenues of tomato.
Nike run

I have personal reasons why this post stayed in my draft folder, anyway here it is…

First off, I’d like to emphasize that I’m a non-pro runner and that I don’t have the right to professionally evaluate a race event.  This is also the reason why I write post race articles only on races that I actually joined so I can base my opinion from personal experience.

The Nike We Run Manila 10K carried such a huge attraction to runners when it's press releases hit the audience.  Here’s my personal reason why I joined this race:

1. I'm looking for a 10K event where I can run my second 10K race.
- The Nike Run date is perfect, it is scheduled a month after my first 10K race.  I have ample time to recover and train.  I told myself I'll break my PR!  Further, it's RunRio and I'm a Runrio fan. Who is not?

my nike race kit
2. I want that Nike Dri-fit Tee singlet and all it's promised freebies.
- Who doesn't? I'm not a whiner when it comes to race freebies but apart from this fact, there's nothing you can whine about the Nike race kit.  In fact I posted in my Facebook that it's my best race kit so far. Much more they made me feel like a celebrity during the race kit release day, it's a "wow"!
I don't mind that the USB flash drive finisher item is not distributed after the race as long as they will still send it.  If they will not then probably I'll whine (LOL/not a whiner:).  Remember, "a promised made is a debt unpaid"

3. I haven't experienced a night race and I haven't run in Bonifacio Global City (BGC).  The tagline "It's your city. Run It" definitely got me!
- I'm not closing my word on this but as much as I can avoid both - "never again".  5:00 PM was so humid and the grounds smells unpleasant (alimuom).  For more than 30 minutes I am racing with this unpleasant smell that eventually gave me gas pains.  Probably 5:00 PM run will not be as bad if its done in a different venue.  Further explanation for these in my number 4 reason.

4. MOST IMPORTANTLY, I want to break my personal record so I can motivate myself to run in a 15K or 16K distance next.
- I failed. My official record says I'm over by ONE minute from my previous record.  Who cares?  I do!  I'm a non-pro runner I am not competing with anybody.  But every race I joined is a "race against myself".  I am competing with myself. 

What I experienced from this run was more of a trail walk than a run.  To begin with ,it took about five minutes for the runners to be able to step out of the start line.  Maybe it would have been better if runners were release in waves not in a single gun start. 
Most parts of the route are too narrow to accommodate the eight thousand runners.  Worst is the last two kilometers which are roads under construction and unlit.  So if you are an ordinary runner like me who's goal is to break your personal record by even just few minutes it would be a big disappointment.  Even if you wish to run in your normal pace, you can not because there's always a runner in front of you walking.

The post race entertainment was cool but it didn't take away my disappointment.   I don't mind if there's no concert.  I don't mind if the baggage claim is chaotic.  I don't mind if the finisher's item is late.  But I do mind about the race route.  I went there to run in the first place.

And on a current personal note, I’m just glad that I said I’m not closing my words about joining a night race and running in BGC.  After giving myself a break from racing after this run, I realized I will run and run and run again and again… in any given place, date and time in my capacity.  As they say I'm A Runner!

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