Updates on 35th Milo Marathon National Finals (Technorati: VSNUVM5BXZ34)

Here are some updates on the 35th Milo Marathon National Finals event happening on December 11, 2011 at the SM Mall of Asia Grounds:

1. Route Map  (for a detailed view click here)
35th national milo marathon manila finals 42k race map 21k race map 10k race map 5k race map 3k race map LIght

2. The 5K slot is already sold-out.  The 3K (for kids and accompanying adult only), 10K and 21K are still open for registration.

3. Cut-off Times and Time Limits

42K Race – 6 hours after official start of the race
21K Race – 2 ½ hours after official start of the race
10K Race – 1 ½ hours after official start of the race
5K Race – 1 hour after official start of the race
3K Race – 1 hour after official start of the race

21K Race
1 ½ hours at 10k

42K Race
3 ½ hours at 21K
5 hours at 32K

4. Announcements from RunRio, Inc. for the 42.195K qualifiers:
- 42km race category qualifiers need not register for the 35th MILO Marathon Finals race.
- Call-outs to everyone who are qualified for the “All-Expense Paid” 42.195km race category has been sent.
- Registration kits, including the official race singlet and shorts will be distributed during the 35th MILO Marathon National Finals CARBO-LOADING Party on December 8, 5PM at the SM Mall of Asia MUSIC HALL
- Age group qualifiers have been sent call-outs as well but some names under this category are still being verified and are advised to bring their birth certificate for presentation during the Carbo-Loading Party.
- There were qualifiers from the provincial legs who were not able to respond to the call-outs.  They are advised to contact/get in touch with Jomar or Abbie at this number: 0927-380-0057. . Here are the list:


  • Genet Agtew
  • Mailemariam Kansay
  • Josphat Kiptanji
  • Abraham Missos
  • Francis Kakui
  • Adonis Singson
  • Christy Tutor
  • Willy Rotich
  • Mendel Lopez
  • Albert Umbagar
  • Marecil Maquilan
  • Isagani Tacutaco
  • Eliud Kering
  • Douglas Mwiti
  • Alley Quisay
  • Anthony Babiera
  • Girfrankreadel Indapan
  • Jeffrey Sotto
  • Jerald Zabala

To my friends and their friends and families who are joining this event,  I look forward in running with you.  Your response and support for this blog is overwhelming. Let’s run and keep on running.

Technorati: VSNUVM5BXZ34

86,547 Actual Participants for 11.20.2011 A Run for the Pasig River

“A Run for the Pasig River 11.20.2011” recorded a total of 86,547 runners that showed up making it the largest racing event in the country this year, but it did not break its own and Guinness World Record of 116,086 for the number of actual participants in the last year’s “A Run for the Pasig River 10.10.10.

However, ABS-CBN Foundation, Inc. (AFI) reported that the number of people who registered and paid is over 120,000 including sponsored slots which made the figure higher than the last year’s record.  It is also reported that this year’s run had a good online registration turn-out with 14,000 paid registrants.
Students from over 90 schools, the Philippine National Police and other government agencies and people from the private sectors are the major participants in this year’s event which composed of 3K, 5K and 10K run that are open for public and a 21K ceremonial run.

bunch of participants "walking" to the finish line
The advocacy of this run is to raise fund and consciousness for the rehabilitation of the Pasig River and its tributaries,  particularly the rehabilitation of Estero de Paco, a 2.9-kilometer tributary of the Pasig River in Manila.

Here are some photos I personally took during the Pasig River Run.

One Sunday in the Life of …

Sharing one Sunday in the life of an athlete’s wife, mother of two hyperactive wonderful kids, an annoying friend, and a trying hard runner and blogger.

1. Get up at 3:00AM.  Prepare light breakfast for hubby racing 21K and heavy breakfast for two kids attending a Sunday school/church activities.
Reminder: To reserve some energy for the other activities for the rest of the day.

21K runners heading to the STAR
2. Leave home at 4:00AM, hubby’s gun start at 4:50AM
Reminder:  Hubby hates being late 

3. Take important photos of the event for this blog.
Reminder: Needs to be in good location to get the total feel of the event.
Lesson learned: Never ever wear another organizer’s singlet to another organizer’s event especially if you will be standing side by side with the cutie organizer/coach.
Coach Rio dela Cruz of RunRio

4. Cover every detail of hubby’s 21K category
Reminder: You are covering not racing so hold on tight to the steel bars to refrain you from sprinting after the gun is fired.
Result: Tortured Sad smile
warm-up for 21K runners

presentation of 21K route - love it

there goes the gun start for 21K

5. Locate two newbie 3K runner friends with gun start at 6:00AM.  Try to have their photos with the cutie organizer/coach.
Reminder: Expect not to find the two first time runner friends from the place they said they will be.  They are definitely enjoying the “going-ons” and totally forget about you.
Lesson learned: Next time teach them to send SMS like this: “here at (place) not moving until you find us”.

6. Cover other race categories.
Reminder:  Must know where the other start lines are.
5K runners - 1st wave

5K runners 2nd wave

7. Search for the newbie runner friends again to take pre-race photos.
Reminder: Give them a flabbergasted look when you find them.

8. Run with the newbie 3K runner friends up to half distance (1.5K) then cut short to catch the returning 21K hubby runner.
Reminder: Must know the short cuts back to the 21K finish line.
3K gun start

uh oh... need to find that short cut back to the 21K finish line

9. Take the very important “FINISH” line photo of hubby and more significant photos.  Assist hubby in collecting finisher’s kit.
Reminder:  This part should be quick as hubby needs to rush back home to change and head to work/coach a whole day soccer event (Alaska Cup).  Don’t question the energy he’s an athlete.
21K finisher!

10. Locate the newbie 3K runners from the finish line.  Take their souvenir photos at the finish line, photo booths, jump shots and everywhere.  Mingle and eat “kwek-kwek”.
Reminder: Be sure to pull them away from the other food carts.  They sweat out a little but wanted to eat a lot.
finish line for lower categories

my newbie running friends
11.Rush back home. Prepare the kids uniforms, outfits, offerings.  Attend Sunday mass where the talented boy is singing in the choir and the cutie little girl is the “animator”.
Reminder: Not to fall asleep during mass no matter how long the homily is.  You have two talented kids performing and most co-parents and teachers are watching you.

12. Lunch out with kids after the mass/kids activities.
Reminder: Don’t eat too much

13. Rush back home to catch the Pacquiao vs. Marquez fight via live streaming.
Reminder: It is easier to find live stream link in Facebook than from other site.
I'd rather run than watch this kind of "fight" from Pacman :(
14. Upload to Facebook the morning race photos.
Reminder: Surely the newbie runners are excitedly waiting for this.  If they comment immediately on the photos that means they survive the run.  If not they’re probably still snoring.

15. Take a nap (but expect that NO nap will happen).

16. Stop from trying to get a nap.  Get up and write some piece for this blog.

17.  Prepare snack for kids.
Reminder: Drink the juice only and skip the solid food.

18. Prepare dinner, more household chores, re-check kids school diary.

19. Get online, check emails and everything.

20. Retire for the night.
Reminder: Need to sleep

21. Get up during the night to write, read, answer emails, etc.
Reminder: Don’t get up during the night.  Have some sleep.
Overall Lesson Learned:
It is easier to finish a 10K race than do all the things above.  I should have run in the 15K category of the Unilab Run United 3 2011.
my next target :)


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