It's Halloween Let's Run! Boo?

"monsters on the run.,come to our Halloween Run just for fun!"
CLEOPATRA in the person of running beauty Michelle Estuar,
will they "SCREAM" if they found out who's behind them?

"When witches go RUNNING,and black masks are seen,the moon laughs and whispers, it is Halloween."
Running is hard enough what more if you are wearing a complicated costume? Not for runners though.  Give them the chance to run in any given day (or night) much more on Halloween and they will run with much gusto!

I fancied joining a Halloween costume run this year but my body condition "killjoyly" scratched the plan.  I'm on a run /train break (cough aaaw).  So as not to miss the excitement I went "ghost hunting" and found a bunch of monsters, beauties and cuties doing a spook-tacular costume run in this perfect place/store not so haunted  called A Runner's Circle.

Where in the world could you find "Cleopatra" in her running shoes instead of Egyptian sandals, traversing the stretch of Manila bay with all her beauty and speed, more so running along with an Egyptian hunk?  Following in tow are the scary "manananggal", pussycat, bumble bee, frankenstein, witches, monsters, fairies, ghouls and of course the all time favorite "scream!!!".  The motorists found such glee at the sight of this bunch of "spooky" runners.  I'm just glad to share you some of the photos guys :)

"monsters and scary faces, Halloween is the time to misbehave"

the host "A Runner's Circle"

costume finalists bumble bee & pussycat
and the winner is!
the MANANANGGAL - who brought the house down
Thanks to A Runner's Circle for making running more enjoyable in any given day.  Check out their free fun run, running clinic and store items from here. Happy Halloween!

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