Right on my track and the Awesome Run Rizal

I've finished my first 10K race yesterday through Run Rizal.  Not only that it was such an accomplishment but I truly enjoyed the concept of the run. Kinda unique and amusing to see runners and organizers in the Spanish era costumes plus that is dedicated to our pride and National Hero Dr. Jose Rizal.  I'd like to call him Doc Joe ;).
the Katipuneros manning the START line &
getting candid after the race
seriously walking Doc Joe & racing Doc Joe
The organizers did a good job especially with the race concept.  The venue and the running route is great, in the home of  our National Hero, Rizal Park (Luneta), The "Pirates" Drum and Bugle Corps played with much passion and it felt great singing with them the Lupang Hinirang while facing the Philippine Flag and our heroes monument. It was also a good concept to award runners in the best Spanish era costumes. The singlet design is amazing, it looks hip but respectful to the subject.
hip but respectful design
"Piso" inspired medal
"Bayong" for loot bags
 ""Bayong" instead of loot bags were distributed, nice! And most of all the the "Piso" inspired finisher medal is awesome! Kudos to whoever created that idea.

Unfortunately I didn't get to have that awesome-looking medal.  It is allotted for the first one hundred finisher only in my 10K category, so I'd like to think I'm the 101st who crossed the finish line (guts:).  With or without medal I ran my best and finished the race.  Official timer says it's 1:35 for my first 10K race, but I'm deducting five minutes from it for the pee-stop over in a drive-thru fast food restaurant (*wink). Not bad for a first time 10K runner.

Back in January of this year when I was just seriously thinking of joining races, I set up a goal. That is to run  two 5K races then run a 10K before the end of this year.  It's not even the end of the third quarter and I've raced my first 10K.  I'm proud of myself for reaching that goal. I'm right on my track and in fact advance than my set goal.

And hey, a lot of people is noticing that I'm losing weight (*wink). Isn't that some kind of wonderful?


Run said...

Great job on reaching your goals. Its good that Filipinos are keeping up this healthy habit. Kudos on all your work (your run completions, the radio stream, this blog).

BloggerRunner said...

Oh wow! thanks for this great feedback :) Totally agree with you on Filipino's keeping up this healthy habit. Wishes of good luck to you!


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