My Running Path the Morning After Typhoon Pedring :(

The MOA ((Mall of Asia)  bay side or the Esplanade has always been a favorite running path to most city runners.  It is conducive for running, a "what more can you ask for" running place.  Basically the location is best, easy to reach wherever in the city you are coming from.  It is peaceful especially during weekdays and most importantly nothing beats training/running regularly along the bay!

Morning run in this place has always been enjoyable and relaxing.  But not until typhoon Pedring.  It was an unpleasant scene in my favorite running place the morning after typhoon Pedring.
I do my post run stretching and cool down under this tree :(

on regular mornings this stretch is filled with runners/joggers not litters

the area where a group of old Chinese people do their Tai Chi (exercise)


scattered bricks that used to adorn each coconut tree

good thing that there's more left standing

not so sure what used to be here. LAX?

"whatever you throw to me I'll give it back to you"

bamboo fishing? water lilies used to danced with the wave here

through and through

one of the damaged establishments

behind the building surrounded with yellow line is the broken sea wall

litters everywhere   


Unknown said...

Hi! I am the person behind QuickSEOResults fanpage :)

The photos above are scary... tsk tsk!

Anyway, I also got a blogspot blog. Can we exchange links?

BloggerRunner said...

Hey Grace nice to met u :)
In fairness to MOA management, repairs were done "sooo fast".

links = sure! send me the link info

Unknown said...

Do you own multiple blogs? is the main site but I made for updates and news about our products and services. How about yours? :)

Unknown said...

By the way, I have an ongoing contest on my blog. Maybe you're interested to join. The prizes are 500 REAL FB fans, 500 Real Twitter followers, 500 Real Tumblr followers and 500 Authentic Youtube views. You like that or you pass? :)

BloggerRunner said...

I've set up two more blogs but they're not yet ready for the "world" (lol), I'll let u know when they are.
You can link this site & put "Running" as title.

Re contest, I'm interested and let u know before the deadline on the 28th ;) Thanks!

Unknown said...

Haha! So you'll join before 28th... :D

Ok, I'll link this up and link our site :) Thanks a lot!

Unknown said...

linked you already :)

BloggerRunner said...

THANKS! yours is up to :)

Mar Verdan said...

yan pala ang itsura nyan after the typhoon... grabe din pala, but I'm sure madali yan naayos ng Sm


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