My Running Path the Morning After Typhoon Pedring :(

The MOA ((Mall of Asia)  bay side or the Esplanade has always been a favorite running path to most city runners.  It is conducive for running, a "what more can you ask for" running place.  Basically the location is best, easy to reach wherever in the city you are coming from.  It is peaceful especially during weekdays and most importantly nothing beats training/running regularly along the bay!

Morning run in this place has always been enjoyable and relaxing.  But not until typhoon Pedring.  It was an unpleasant scene in my favorite running place the morning after typhoon Pedring.
I do my post run stretching and cool down under this tree :(

on regular mornings this stretch is filled with runners/joggers not litters

the area where a group of old Chinese people do their Tai Chi (exercise)


scattered bricks that used to adorn each coconut tree

good thing that there's more left standing

not so sure what used to be here. LAX?

"whatever you throw to me I'll give it back to you"

bamboo fishing? water lilies used to danced with the wave here

through and through

one of the damaged establishments

behind the building surrounded with yellow line is the broken sea wall

litters everywhere   

That "0:00:00" Feel

What is the most fascinating sight for you during a race?

Mine is the first sight of those flashing digital figures particularly when it's showing "0:00:00". It gives me that "feeling" when I arrived at the race venue during the dawn of morning races. It works like a magnet to me when I see it from afar and makes me to hurry queuing to the START line.  It increases my desire to race.  There's something in it that gives me the adrenaline rush.  It pumps energy to my system, makes me jump, hop, stretch and excitedly wait for the gun start. 


Athena All Women's Run

Run Rizal

Right on my track and the Awesome Run Rizal

I've finished my first 10K race yesterday through Run Rizal.  Not only that it was such an accomplishment but I truly enjoyed the concept of the run. Kinda unique and amusing to see runners and organizers in the Spanish era costumes plus that is dedicated to our pride and National Hero Dr. Jose Rizal.  I'd like to call him Doc Joe ;).
the Katipuneros manning the START line &
getting candid after the race
seriously walking Doc Joe & racing Doc Joe
The organizers did a good job especially with the race concept.  The venue and the running route is great, in the home of  our National Hero, Rizal Park (Luneta), The "Pirates" Drum and Bugle Corps played with much passion and it felt great singing with them the Lupang Hinirang while facing the Philippine Flag and our heroes monument. It was also a good concept to award runners in the best Spanish era costumes. The singlet design is amazing, it looks hip but respectful to the subject.
hip but respectful design
"Piso" inspired medal
"Bayong" for loot bags
 ""Bayong" instead of loot bags were distributed, nice! And most of all the the "Piso" inspired finisher medal is awesome! Kudos to whoever created that idea.

Unfortunately I didn't get to have that awesome-looking medal.  It is allotted for the first one hundred finisher only in my 10K category, so I'd like to think I'm the 101st who crossed the finish line (guts:).  With or without medal I ran my best and finished the race.  Official timer says it's 1:35 for my first 10K race, but I'm deducting five minutes from it for the pee-stop over in a drive-thru fast food restaurant (*wink). Not bad for a first time 10K runner.

Back in January of this year when I was just seriously thinking of joining races, I set up a goal. That is to run  two 5K races then run a 10K before the end of this year.  It's not even the end of the third quarter and I've raced my first 10K.  I'm proud of myself for reaching that goal. I'm right on my track and in fact advance than my set goal.

And hey, a lot of people is noticing that I'm losing weight (*wink). Isn't that some kind of wonderful?

Please... oh please, please, please!

I am running my first 10K race tomorrow and I am facing a feast and a bar of free booze!  Worst, I just came from an all day book hunting and I can hear my legs screaming "rest please we're running 10K tomorrow!!!"

The preparation I made for my first 10K run is incomparable versus my previous races. I am training regularly this time.  In fact three days ago I ran in Ultra's oval track and hit the pool to swim some laps afterwards.  I also worked on a bit of diet this time. Unlike before that I don't care about diet.  I just eat thinking that I will just burn the calories when I train and race.  So far so good I thought... but not until today and tonight!
book hunting is fun, but not before a 10K race day
Stressing my legs today is unintentional.  I registered early for this run but I failed to anticipate that September is the Manila International Book Fair (MIBF) month and that it is in the same schedule as the race week. But today (Saturday) is the only day that we are all available together.  I can not say no to this book fair.  This has been an annual bonding with my kids, a sort of tradition for us to spend almost a whole day book hunting. Book fair experiences taught us that it really needs a whole day or more to explore all the book exhibits, the fun is in there!  Just the same, I was hoping for a half day book hunting but didn't happen of course.

what did u say? desert? 
It was already 6:00 PM when we exited SMX Convention Center and my legs are already killing me.  OMG! we still have a birthday dinner to catch.  We are all starving and there's no way to skip eating before heading home, so off we go our favorite pasta house  where we massacred the pizza and pasta!  At least I had the determination to look away from the sinful blueberry cheesecake and forget the word "desert".

Finally we are back home after an awful traffic and now having second thoughts to attend the birthday dinner.  But the celebrant is a dear dear family friend and every guests are the closest of friends, so that second thoughts cancelled again. As we head to the venue, race tips that I usually (and repeatedly) read before the race day are playing in my head.
  • Eat a light meal, bread, pasta, rice, water and non-acidic fruits like bananas. Avoid dairy products, fried foods, fiber rich foods.
  • Don't eat and drink anything that your stomach is not familiar with
  • No alcohol 
  • Get enough sleep.  Running on just a few hours of sleep is NOT RECOMMENDED
Ok, ok I remember all of them.  We are just going to show up, mingle a little and excuse ourselves. Off we go.

Tadaaaah! A table of feast, a bar of free booze with matching karaoke and a huge bunch of lovable friends' faces greeted us!    Why do the devil of temptation is working tonight? I've been starving for weeks why this table of feasts? Why the idea that those booze will relax my nerve seems a good one?
this is real right in front of me. it's not a magazine pic. i can swallow & gulp all of them right at this moment.

Please, oh please... please... please... I want to survive my first 10K race gracefully.


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