It's raining runners Alleluia!

No I didn't die from the Milo run nor I backed out from it.  It's not the reason why there was no follow-up post on this blog after that late night I created this blog.  I was one of those runners who braved that freakin' raining cold July morning and ran as if there's no tomorrow.

"Rain or shine" was the organizer's call. And the runners took it seriously but the weather took it way too seriously! It was not just drizzling it was RAINING!  The cold raining dawn did not intimidate the runners, thousands showed up.  Much more for me, it made my first Milo run more memorable. 
There are lots of amusing things to talk about but I'm not sure how to inject them all in this post so maybe I'll mention them on my future posts.

It was just amazing to see a huge bunch of enthusiastic runners of all kinds who came in different attires.  Jackets, windbreakers, caps and for heaven's sake runners in umbrella! The rain was slashing and whatever protection you're on you will still get wet.  So I think the best outfit that day is the "wet look".  I even spotted a wet super hero see video here

wet party?
finish line queue - hot coffee please?

how's my time? oh ok it's chilling!
The (over) excited me dealt with some few battles while I was cramming around in the dawn before going to the event. Yeah I was over excited that I slept late (I know it's among the don'ts of running).

New shoes old shoes?

I bought two shoes since my first official run in January but for some strange manipulations I always ended up wearing my three year old weary running partner.  Not that I am complaining about it's performance, it's always reliable so I'm just pretty sure that it won't let me down running in this kind of weather.  So, the winner is... old shoes.

Orange or Black? Bandana or Cap?

I have this thinnest orange shirt that I thought would look good as an inner shirt for my green Milo singlet and would be perfect by topping it with my orange bandana and yeah they've been ready since the night before.    But as I looked at the drizzle that dawn, it definitely would look like a smashed squash once I get out of that rain. So I put on a warmer black jersey and grabbed that dusting soccer ball-designed cap made from leather and put it over my orange bandana. Voila! probably the smartest thing I ever put on because it kept the rain drops in messing up my vision.
They said that if you are a Pinoy runner it is must that you experienced a Milo Marathon otherwise you're running experience is incomplete. And yeah I did it!

"kaya mo yan" = I did it!
And oh for the no follow-up posts? It's because a good friend of mine read the first post on this blog and talked me out of blogging about or to say it more aptly, to market his site. Yeah its always about work but, Isn't that some kind of wonderful? :) 


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