Dream Come True! Milo Marathon

I can't think of a more fitting time to start this blog that I have been dreaming to set-up than today, thus making this as a DUAL DREAM COME TRUE.  Seven hours from now I will be joining around twenty thousand people who will run in the 35th Milo Marathon.

Even when I was not yet running or joining races, it has been my dream to run (or walk) in the Milo Marathon.  Every time I see the Milo Marathon commercial on TV, hear the runners' testimonials, professional or non-professional runners, I see a certain kind of fulfillment in the faces of these people, each time I tell myself  "One day I will be joining them.

I know I need not elaborate how significant the Milo Marathon is, I might not be able to give justice to it.  But I am certain that what attracts me most apart from its huge significance and history is the nobility of its cause.  Hours from now I will be a part of this noble cause. Truly a dream come true!

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